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What is Bhanu Saptami? on 09 Jun 2019 (Sunday)

Lord Sun is worshipped in Hindu religion with a great belief. There are so many festivals dedicated to Lord Sun but Bhanu Saptami is the prominent one of them. Moreover, Sun God is also known as Bhanu. The sun is the King of all the planets and it is placed in the center surrounded by other planets. Pooja of Surya on Bhanu Saptami gives a special advantage to devotees in making their wishes fulfilled.

What is Bhanu Saptami?

You might be thinking that why it is called Bhanu Saptami? Moreover, what are the reasons to celebrate? Here, we are going to put the focus on it. Bhanu Saptami is called when the Saptami date and Sunday fall together.

It is also called as Sun Saptami or Vaivaswamma Saptami. On this day, Lord Surya had his first ride on the chariot of seven horses and that is why this auspicious day is celebrated with great enthusiasm among the devotees. Moreover, this day is also called Sun Saptami or Vyaswattham Saptami. Bhanu Saptami falls on only a few Sundays of 52 Sundays in a year.

Importance of Bhanu Saptami

  •  It is believed that Bhanu is equal to Saptami Sun Horse. Tarpan (donation) is considered auspicious on this day. It is said that donation can double your saving as well as it also brings peace and happiness to you. Moreover, dipping and donating in sacred water on this day is quite auspicious and beneficial.
  • Devotees should offer sweet to the Lord Sun prepared of using wheat and offered at an open place like the roof to get blessings from him. It is considered that Lord Surya accepts the sweets (Prashad) placed at an open place offering to him.
  • Devotees can easily please Lord Sun on the auspicious day of Bhanu Saptami. You may go ahead to keep fasting on this day.
  • Lord Sun's blessings can take your eyes related issues away from your life. Moreover, it is also auspicious to read the Aditya Heart Stotra on this day. Bhanu Saptami is performed by worshiping Lord Sun, the Mahabhishek.
  • Devotees read "Aditya Shriram” to get showered with his blessings. Worshipping Sun God helps to stay healthy life forever.
  • You may not believe that the devotees who take bath before sunrise become pure like the Ganga and they will never get poor all life-long.

These all above-mentioned things show that how important is this festival for the devotees and how large it is celebrated all across the country.

What Is The Worship Method -

  • First, devotees should do the cleaning of their house including each corner. Before sunrise, they take a shower in the river and then worship the sun.
  • In order to welcome the sunrays, women make colorful Rangoli in front of their homes, which gives a great touch to the entire festival.
  • Apart from it, milk is boiled in pottery and then it kept towards the sun as an offer on this special day. It is believed that when the milk boils it reaches the sun.
  • A traditional sweet is made on this special day called kheer. It is made of wheat and twelve piles of grain. It is offered in the form of offerings to the Sun God.
  • On this special day, these grains are donated to the Brahmins because grain donation to the Brahmins is considered very fruitful.

In The Last –

Lord is one of the prominent Hindu devotees and that is why he has always been quite popular among the devotees. If you want to get blessed with Lord Surya’s blessings then do not forget to do worship Lord Surya.