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Guru Purnima on 16 Jul 2019 (Tuesday)

Indian culture has always been quite an attention fetching all across the world because of many factors. And one of the best is that Guru (Teacher) is always respected here with a lot of respect and gratitude. They are given special honor and status making them quite respectful than any other occupation. It is considered quite respectful if someone is associated with the teaching field. 

When Is Celebrated Guru Purnima -

Maharshi Ved Vyas ji holds the title of the first Guru of the world. In Indian culture, Guru is regarded with a lot of respect and gratitude even more than God. Maharshi Ved Vyas took birth on the auspicious full moon day and this is why this auspicious day is called Purnima Vyas Purnima and Guru Purnima. They are always seen with regard to respect and dignity, and that is why they are considered to be God-like in Indian philosophy. Every year, the full moon day of the month is celebrated in honor of the gurus and hence it is given the name of Guru Purnima.

Significance of Guru Purnima -

Indian scripture also explores the importance of "Guru” (Teacher). Talking about the importance of Vedic scriptures, Veda, Sholka, etc., then there is innumerable content indicating the importance of "Guru” (Teacher). If you read the below-mentioned lines (Doha), you will also get about it –

‘Guru Govind Dooo Khade Kaake Lagoon Paanv,

Balihaaree Guroo Aapane Govind Diyo Bataay’.

These lines have been written to show respect towards the "Guru” (Teacher). And it shows that the Hindu religion always pays respect to "Guru” (Teacher) higher than God. "Guru” (Teacher) is the only medium so that we can get to know about God. It is "Guru” (Teacher) showing the right path to his disciples. The place of the guru is very special and Guru Purnima is celebrated in his honor.

World's First Guru

The foundation of the Hindu religion is based on Chaturvedi. Maharishi Ved Vyas ji regarded as the first "Guru” (Teacher) of the world have written these four prominent Vedas.  Hinduism cannot be imagined without these four Vedas and these four Vedas are as follows:

  • Rig Veda,
  • Yajurveda,
  • Samveda
  • And AarthVeda

It is considered that all content written in these four Vedas are given equal respect to the speech of God. Maharishi Ved Vyas ji is also known for writing the world famous Mahabharata.

Way To Celebrate Guru Purnima -

People take bath in the morning and visit the place of his/her Guru (Teacher) to take blessings. People do worship of lord Ved Vyas Ji to seek his blessing and paying respect to write these prominent Veda giving a great definition to Hindu Religion. Along with this, it is also believed that worshipping Lord Krisha also bring happiness and prosperity.  On this auspicious day, people do visit Mathura and Vrindavan.

It is said in the scriptures that the guru is the only medium showing you the path of salvation and knowledge and inspires to move to keep going on forward. That is why the disciple should always pay respect to their teacher. The grace of God continues forever upon those who follow the instructions of their Guru (Teacher). A person who always follows the guru's learning is blessed with immense knowledge and happiness. Serving the guru leads to heaven and you may remain away from the difficulties

And The Last –

There is no particular day can be dedicated to paying respect to the teachers. But Guru Purnima is auspicious since Guru Maharishi Ved Vyas Ji was born on this day. So, pay your teacher enough respect and gratitude for whatever you have done well in your life.