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Aja Ekadashi on 10 Sep 2023 (Sunday)

Aja Ekadashi 

During the ancient times, there used to be a ruler named Chakravarti Raja. His name was Harishchandra. He was known as a very brave, magnificent and glorious ruler. To abide by his promise, he even sold his wife and son. He himself turned out to be a servant of a cruel person.

Even after facing all these difficulties, he never left the path of truth. After several years, he started feeling dejected about his work and was totally down. Later, he began going some way to seek independence from this work and constantly used to feel tense with this feeling.

During one of the instances, when he was thinking of what to do, he saw Gautam Rishi approaching. The king bowed to him and explained his sad story to the Rishi. Even the rishi became upset after hearing and observing the condition of king and told him "Hey king, during the Krishna Paksha of Bhado, Aja Ekadashi occurs. You must keep the fast of this Ekadasi in an organized way and perform the Jagran at night. You will be cleansed of all your sins.”  After telling this, Gautam Rishi made his way from there.