Indian Festivals

Bahula Chaturthi

Bhadrapada is an auspicious month coming up with a wide array of fasts and festivals. Bahula Chaturthi is one of the prominent fasts to get rid of life’s misery

A Brief About Bhadrapada– India is regarded as an auspicious place where God took birth. This festival is dedicated to making Lord Ishta happy and satisfied. It helps to seek blessings from Lord Ishta. This festival is dedicated to protecting the environment, plants, and animals. This festival is quite auspicious and beneficial shielding you from getting affected by the crisis.  

Bahula Chaturthi Makes You Away From All Negativities – In this "Taphobhoomi” of India, a wide array of fasting festivals take place as per the seasonal cycle. To improve life, a wide array of things are done such as

  • Religion,
  • Deeds,
  • Yajna,
  • Fasts,
  • Donations,
  • Fasting,
  • Rituals,
  • and true devotion

Following these rituals makes you away from the negativities. It helps to lift up the enthusiasm towards life. And following the same, observing Bahula Chaturthi plays an important role to make your dream happen.

 Bahula Chaturthi – What It FallsBahula Chaturthi is an auspicious fast comes in the Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada month. It is also known as Bahula Chaturthi or Bahula Chaith. This auspicious fast is truly dedicated to Lord Ganesha and Cow both. The women keep this fast to have a long life of their sons. With the effect of this fast, children are protected. Moreover, you may also wish to get blessed with a baby soon. Fasting women should get up early in the morning. And then worship Lord Ganesha. Do offer Modak (Lord Ganesha’s favorite sweet).

Why Women Follow This FastWomen get blessed with a baby and desired happiness. The fasting woman also gets blessed with wealth, good luck and protection. Another important thing about this fast is that Cow is worshipped on this fast and that is why it is prohibited to use Cow milk on this day.

On this day the cow's milk should be left for its calf. We all know that cow's milk, milk, ghee, butter, etc., are eaten to get needed strength. At the same time, cow urine, and cow dung also cure incurable diseases like cancer. On the evening of Bahula Chauth, there is a ritual of cow worship in the evening. After the worship, the story of this fast should be heard.

Bahula Chaturthi and Its Story – The story of this fast is related to the Dwapar Yuga. Lord Krishna roared fiercely in the forest as same as a lion does. Moreover, a cow born from Kamudhenu's womb was named Bahula. Lord Krishna decided to test her and that is why he turned himself into a lion.

Bahula said to Lord Krishna that you should let me go as my baby is waiting all day long for me. I will feed him and come back, then you may eat me. Hearing the cow's words, Lord Krishna let her go. After some time, Bahula came back to him. Lord Krishna became happy seeing her honesty and blessed her with a boon.