Indian Festivals

Dhumavati Jayanti on 28 May 2023 (Sunday)

India is a country known for various festivals, fast and religious culture. Goddess Dhumavati is one of the prominent one. In addition, Dhumavati Jayanti is celebrated every year with great pomp and show.  

What Is All About Dhoomawati Jayanti -

On the festival of Dhoomawati Jayanti, devotees make themselves indulged in spirituality. They keep surrounded themselves with the positive thoughts. On this auspicious day, Dhoomavati Devi’s mantra is recited following the complete rituals. It is considered that worshipping Dhoomavati Devi makes all the wishes of the seeker  fulfilled. There is one of more notion related to this festival is that offering black mole in black clothes to the Goddess brings happiness and prosperity to the devotees. Tradition is that Suhaginas (married women) do not worship Goddess Dhumavati and they only take a glimpse of the Goddess from the distance. The sight of goddess Dhoomawati is considered so precious and powerful able to protects the child and suhag.

Mother Dhoomawati Jayanti In a Discreet Manner-

According to mythologies, once the goddess Dhoomavati goes to Lord Shankarji (also known as Lord Shiva) to calm her appetite. However, Shankarji was indulged in something else deeply and running absorbed in his own mind at that time. He did not confront even after repeated inspection of the Goddess. Since Lord Shiva did not wake up with meditation, it made Goddess Dhoomavati angry. Being quite angry, Goddess swallowed Lord Shiva by breathing. However, lord Shiva’s throat holds poison and that made body of the Goddess started to smoke. Lord Shiva said to goddess Parvati that you have eaten me and that is why your body’s color has changed. You will be known as Dhoomvati.

Why Should You Worship Mother Dhamavati –

  • It brings peace and happiness to you.
  • It takes you away from the unwanted problems.
  • It makes you get surrounded with happy vibes
  • You will find yourself at peace.
  • You will get showered with happiness

As per mythological texts, once Goddess Parvati was feeling very hungry and insisted Lord Shiva to have a meal. Hearing this, Lord Shiva asks Goddess Parvati to wait for some time so that he can arrange food. However, food arrangements were not done in that stipulated time. Goddess Parvati became very disturbed by hunger and she decide to swallow Lord Shiva only. In addition, it leads to make her body produce smoke. In addition, this is why she was named Dhoomavati.

Goddess Dhoomawati Jubilee Importance -

  • The statue of Dhoomawati Devi looks great and dirty. She is widow and that is why married women are not allowed to worship her. She owns her vehicle known as crow.
  • She keeps her hair opened and dresses white clothes. Irrespective of the nature of the Goddess, it is considered as welfare for children.
  • She took this AVATAR to eradicate the people who do crime. All the capabilities of destroying and destroying sinners are contained in the Goddess. This is because they are called Jyeshtha, because they are the Jyeshtha Nakshatra of Goddess.
  • The origin of the saints, the people of Durvasa, Bhrigu, Parashuram etc. is Dhoomvati. Due to the goddess of creation, they are also known by the name of fickle.
  • The worship of the Goddess should be done in Chomasatimes. The form of mother Dhoomawati ji is extremely fierce; she has incarnated this form for the destruction of the enemies.

How to Do Worship Of Goddess Dhoomavati -

Goddess Dhoomawati is the last lesson of all the important 10 lessons. Most of their special prayers are offered during Gupta Navratri. You might be thinking that what to do on this day?

  • On the auspicious day of Dhoomawati Jayanti, take a bath in Brahma Muhurat. Clean the place where you are going to perform the pooja.
  • Arrange all the needed things to accomplish the worship such as water, flowers, sandur, Kumkum, Akshat, fruits, sunlight, lamp and Naavidya etc.
  • The story of Goddess Dhoomawati must have heard on this day.
  • After worship, you must make a request to Goddess to fulfill your wish.
  • All the bad deeds of man are destroyed by the grace of Goddess Dhoomavati, and the desires of the mind are fulfilled by removing sadness, misery and greediness.

Mantra :

"Om Dhoon Dhoon Dhoomaavatyai Phat.. Dhoon Dhoon Dhoomaavatee Th: Th:.

Devee Dhoomaavatee Ka Taantrokt Mantr

"Dhoomra Mativ Sativ Poornaat Sa Saayugme. Saubhaagyadaatree Sadaiv Karunaamayi:..

" Rudraaksh Maala Se Is Mantr Ko 108 Baar, 21 Ya 51 Maala Jaap Karana Chaahiye.

Devee Kee Vishesh Krpa Paane Ke Lie Uparokt Mantron Ka Jaap Avashy Karana Chaahie.