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Diwali Pujan Points to Remember.

Diwali Pujan Points to Remember:

1. Lit lamp after sunset on the main entrance of house. It should be four faced earthen lamp (Diya). Use mustard oil. 
2. Try not to use candles. Instead use Desi ghee diyas or mustard oil diyas. 
3. No harm of lighting the electric bulbs because it is just used to beautify the house from outside to appease the mother goddess Lakshami Ji (Goddess of wealth, happiness and prosperity) 
4. Use desi ghee in one diya at the time of prayers that should be lit through out the night. It will bring good prosperity and will help in appeasing the mother Goddess Lakshami Ji. Rest all diyas can be filled with mustard oil. 
5. Crackers should be burned only after Laxmi Pujan. 
6. Lakshmi Pujan should begin with:
  • Lord Ganesha Vandana
  • Remember your Gurus.
  • Remember your Isht Devta/ Devi.
7. Remember Mother Goddess in three forms: -
  • Maha Lakshmi
  • Maha Saraswati
  • Maha Kaali