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Fourth navratri - Maa Kushmanda on 10 Oct 2021 (Sunday)

Maa Kushmanda

Mata Kushmanda is the fourth goddess of Navdurga. She is considered the provider of basic necessities. The word, Kushmanda, refers to the cosmic egg. It is said that Maa Kushmanda created the universe out of the cosmic egg, unimaginatively long ago; that time, even the time didn't exist.

She appears with eight hands holding bow, arrow, discus and mace in four hands; lotus, rosary, and holy urn (kamandal) in three arms; and a jar of nectar in eighth arm which gives health and long life to the devotees. Rosary represents her power to bless her devotees with Ashtasiddhi (8 types of studies or wisdom sources) and Navanidhi (9 types of wealth). She rides a lion, which represents Dhrama. Her golden complexion shines brightly in all the ten directions, like the Sun.

Due to her eight hands, she is also called Ashtbhuji.

You should worship this form of goddess Durga to get rid of your sorrows and diseases, augment your life, and get fame and strength. Devi Kushmanda gets pleased with slightest of devotion. If anybody worships her with shraddha (devotion), Maa certainly blesses him or her with everything he or she desires.

Kushmanda is considered the Devi of 'Anahata Chakra'. When you meditate on Kushmanda with steady mind, your Anahat Chakra gets activated and your sorrows and ailments get disappeared, and your life-span, name, and strength get augmented.

चौथा नवरात्री सरल विधि - चौथा नवरात्रा : माता कूष्माण्डा