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HariTalika Teej - English

 Haritalika Teej Vrat – To Get Blessed With Incredible Fortune

Haritalika Teej Vrat holds incredible value in the Hindu religion. It is quite popular among women and they wait to celebrate this festival all year long. Water bodies such as Ganga and Yamuna are respectful in Hindu religions. It is considered that holy water of these water bodies make you at peace irrespective how much stress or burden you have.

They bless your life on earth and afterlife both. Moreover, the same importance is given to fast and festivals. These festivals make you away from stress and bring happiness to you. A man and woman play a major role to keep going on this world.


Significance Of Haritaalika Teej –


When parents start hunting an ideal partner for their child, it is expected to have an ideal partner who can support and play all needed responsibilities. Wife and husband must be dedicated to each other so that the family can stay happy and blessed. India is widely known as a country where relationships have always been given a lot of importance. Younger respects elders. The religious sculpture also mentions about "Tridev Samuho Ke Vivah” to emphasize the importance of it. Let us check it out the important points of this festival.


  • Unmarried women to get an idea, handsome and talented husband keep Haritalika Teej.
  • Haritalika Teej is also kept on by married women to have their long life, happiness, and blessings.


Nirjala Vrat - It Is The Toughest Fast –


In short, it can be said that this fast is for women and any women can go for it. This is quite different from other fasts. Haritalika Teej is all about a lot of hard work and dedication. Married women keep this fast getting donned with all kind of accessories. On the other hand, unmarried women go for this fast wearing the allowed things. It is also called Nirjala Vrat since nothing is eaten on this auspicious day.


Story Of Haritalika Vrat-


Goddess Parvati took birth in Himachal and she followed a tough fast and put a lot of efforts to get Lord Shiva as his husband. Lord Shiva gets happy seeing her dedication and asked her what kind of rewards she wants. She asked him to accept her as his wife. And that is why this auspicious occasion is celebrated as Haritalika Teej.


How To Keep This Fast -


This fast is celebrated on Shukla Paksha’s Tritya. Following this fast can eradicate all sorts of sins you did in the past. Moreover, it is considered that you will find the expected results and Shiv Lok.


  • It is considered to have a vegetarian for only before one day of fast. And it is also compulsory to brush your teeth using Manjan or Mahuye Tree Datun. Women going to have this fast should pray Goddess Parvati to bless you with needed strength so that you can continue this fast without having food or water.
  • It is called Haritalika Vrat since nothing is allowed to have on this fast. Women going to have fast should get up early in the morning to get done with all needed morning things. Then get donned with all types of married women accessories.
  • Do not get angry during fast. Keep yourself at peace. You are not allowed to have any kind of food, juice, milk, tea, etc.
  • Make yourself busy in Bhajan, Kirtan, etc., all day long. In the evening, worship Lord Parvati and Lord Shiva following all needed rituals. It is also needed to offer Shringar to Goddess Parvati. Do aarti and hear Vrat Katha.
  • Take blessing of the elders in the house. It helps to make your Vrat get successful.