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Herambha Sankranti on 19 Aug 2019 (Monday)

Indian Hindu Calendar would be incomplete without having fast and festivals. Each month comes up with a variety of festivals and Herambha Sankranti is one of them. Let us check it out what to do on this auspicious day and how to get the blessing of Lord Ganesha following sophisticated pooja method.

A Brief About Herambha Sankranti -

Festivals have great importance in Indian culture. Moreover, one such festival is Herambha Sankranti. Herambha Sankranti Chaturthi is considered a very auspicious Hindu festival celebrated every year with great enthusiasm. In the Gregorian calendar, this festival falls in the month of August-September. Moreover, according to the Malayalam calendar, this festival is celebrated in ‘Karkadika Maasam’.

Herambha Sankranti – Where It Is Celebrated

Herambha Sankranti is completely dedicated to Lord Ganesha and that is why quite popular among the Lord Ganesha’s devotees. This festival is also celebrated very loudly in the North Indian states. After this, the month 'Bhadrapada' comes in the Purnimant calendar.

This festival is celebrated in the 'Krishna Paksha' (dark fortnight of the moon) of the Hindu month of 'Shravan' according to the Amavasant calendar. This festival is celebrated on 'Chaturthi' (4th day). Herbal Sankranti Chaturthi is celebrated on 'Krishna Paksha Chaturthi'.

How To Celebrate Herambha Sankranti -

The glory of Herambha Sankranti is very famous. This festival is celebrated on Chaturthi. Devotees are engrossed with full devotion on this auspicious day and worship Herambha Maha Ganpati and seek blessings. Herambha Sankranti is a very special Sankranti among the 13 Sankranti Chaturthi fasts. Not only this, it is believed that following the Herambha Sankranti Chaturthi fast either solves all the problems of life or ends them forever.

What To Do During The Herambha Sankranti Chaturthi

Devotees keep fast on this special day. And the fast starts at the time of sunrise and then ends after looking at the moon. Special worship of Lord Ganesha is done on this auspicious day. Devotees observe this fast by eating fruits or sabudana khichdi and it is also kept in the category of partial fast. Devotees should chant Sankashthan Stotra on this day to get the special compassion of God. It is considered very auspicious. It is considered highly auspicious to chant these mantras.

Puja Method Of Heramba Sankranti -

Devotees should take bath in the morning and after this, should be engrossed in the worship of Lord Ganesha. After this, special poojas are performed after seeing the moon in the evening. On this special day, both Lord Ganesha and Chandra Dev are worshiped.

What To Do In The Evening –

In addition, bananas and coconut offerings are also offered to the Lord in worship. And this puja is performed with aarti at the end. After the puja, the devotees can receive the prasad and then the prasad is distributed. In the evening, decorate the idols of Lord Ganesha with Durva grass and flowers as the use of Durva grass is considered very important. Chanting of mantras dedicated to Lord Ganesha is very fruitful on this day. Lord Ganesha is offered 'Modak' as he particularly likes it. That is why it is specially used in worship.