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Karwa Chauth Ark Song

Karwa Chauth Ark Song

This song is sung at the night while offering water (Ark) to the moon. It is sung 5 times. A parikrama of moon is done each time after offering ark. For parikrama, the lady turns a full circle standing at one place.

Sir Dhadi,
Paer Kadi,
Ark Dendi,
Sarv Suhagan,
Chaubare Khadi......

 There is a misconception that Indian tithis are connected to English dates as given in Indian panchanga. The Indian panchangam is computed for the IST and the area they represent. Since India has little variation in terms of sunrise/sunset/moonrise, a panchanga computed for one area of the country is generally usable as-is throughout India. This is not true when the a festival is computed for a different location on earth, say the Americas, the Europe, the Australias, the Middle-East, etc. Please do not use one published in indian calendars for your location. If you are not living in india and using the date published in indian calendar for karwa chauth outside indian then you could be either celebrating karawa pancham or karwa tritiya which is not a valid festival, for example if you are in usa you could be observing karwa chauth on panchmi, if you are in australia you could be observing karwa chauth on Tritiya day which is not the right festival due to time differences with Indian Standard time and respective time zones. To find out when is karwa chauth if you are living out of india do the following:

The tithis ends at the same instance all over the world. So, we need to subract the time difference (IST to your place) from India's Tithi end timings to arrive at tithi ending timings to your location. Now find out moonrise at your location and check if Chaturthi is visible during the moonrise karwa chauth at that place is on that day.
1) Note down india's tithi ending times for Ashwin Krishna Paksha Tritiya (Amavasyant) or Kartik Krishna Paksha Tritiya (Purnimant) [both are same, one is amavasyant month and another is purnimant months. Amavasyant is more popular in Gujarat, Maharastra, and South india, where as Purnimant is more popular in north india).
2) Add or Subtract the time difference between IST and your timezone where you live. If you live east of India Add otherwise subtract.
3) Find out local moonrise time from local newspapers.
4) Now see if Tritiya ends before moon rise in your town, if it ends before moonrise then take the same day otherwise take next day.