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Kurma Jayanti Brief Legend

Kurma Jayanti Brief Legend

Legend has it that due to the curse of Sage Durvasa all gods lost their strength and were defeated by the demons in the war. Demons drove them out of heaven and took the control of everything. Due to long fight with demons, the gods lost their strength and were not getting any way out to control the demons. Seeing no solution in sight, they all prayed to the Lord Vishnu and asked for His advice. Lord Vishnu suggested them to churn out the milk ocean to get nectar which after drinking would give them unmatched strength and immortal lives.

Since, the gods were not strong enough to churn out the ocean; they asked the demons to help out and promised them to share the nectar equally at the end. The demons agreed. Mount Mandara was made the churning rod and the Vasuki (the giant serpent) became the rope for churning. After churning for thousands of years, the Mount Mandara started sinking in the ocean. The gods again prayed to Vishnu for help. Lord Vishnu immediately appeared in the form of Kurma to lay the foundation for the Mount Mandara and saved it from sinking.

Kurma jayanti is celebrated to commemorate the timely intervention of Lord Vishnu in the churning of ocean.

Another legend has it that Brahma or Prajapati took the form Kurma to continue the creation. But, the popular legend refers to the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.