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Second Navratri - Maa Brahmacharini on 08 Oct 2021 (Friday)

Maa Brahmacharini

The second day of Navratri is dedicated to Brahmacharini Mata who personifies love and loyalty. In this form, she looks highly pious and peaceful, and appears with kamadal (sacred water pot) in the left hand and rudraksh (rosary) in the right hand. This form of Durga is related to severe penance undertaken by Parvati and Sati in their respective births to attain Lord Shiva as their husbands.

By worshipping Brahmcharini, you can inculcate in yourself penance, renounce, dispassion, restraint, and ethical conduct. Even in the most critical condition, your mind will remain unshaken and you will not deviate from the path of your duty with her blessing. She is considered the devi of Swadhisthana Chakra. If you concentrate your mind on Swadhisthana Chakra, you will get the devotion and blessing of Maa Brahmcharini.

She is considered the store house of knowledge and wisdom. You can please her by the chanting of following mantra:
"Om Doom Durgaya Namah"

The chanting of mantra will empower your throat chakra, rectify negative thoughts, help you to do more liberating super karmas, and attract forgiveness for your negative karmas. On this day, whatever you will say aloud will multiply for the next six months. Hence, be careful while saying something.

दूसरा नवरात्री सरल विधि - दूसरा नवरात्रा : माता ब्रह्मचारिणी