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Surya Shashti Celebration

Surya Shashti Celebration

The Konark Temple:

 A bath and worship in reverence to Sun God, on this day, imparts one freedom from diseases. The Konark temple is designed like a chariot. The chariot has 12 wheels on either side, pulled by seven horses, representing seven days of the week. The 24 wheels signify 24 Pakshas .

The Konark Dance Festival and Fair, is held in the month of February, every year in the amphitheater at Konark, with the internationally famous Sun Temple as the back drop. Some of the best dancers in the country come to perform amidst the splendour of this ancient temple. It is performed under special illumination and set up to transform the Sun Temple, a monument of Art, into an atmosphere of fantasy. The beauty and harmony of different schools of classical dance, each epitomizing sublime devotion and perfect synchronization through centuries of total commitment to this art form, elevate even the audience to a level of spiritual ecstasy.

Process of Fasting:

Shasti Vratam or Upvaas is an important fast dedicated to Lord Muruga or Kartikeya. There are two Shastis in a Hindu lunar month. One Shasthi after Amavasya and another after Purnima (Pournami). The Shasti coming after Amavasya (new moon night) is the one meant for fasting. In simple terms, the Shasti coming during the increasing or growing phase of the moon. Lord Muruga is also known as Subramanian or Skanda or Kanda.