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What to buy on Dhanteras on 22 Oct 2022 (Saturday)

What to buy on Dhanteras 
Dhanteras – Dhan means ‘wealth’ and theras indicates ‘the thirteenth day’. It is observed two days before Diwali. Also known as Dhanvantari Puja or Dhantra Yodashi, it falls on the thirteenth day of the dark fortnight of Kartik Month. The day is of great importance to business community and homes. Houses are decorated and special rangolis are drawn on the floor.

It is not just about material wealth but it also about the spiritual wealth associated with this special day. The entire festive season develops the cheerful mood and brings in a special occasion for friends and family members to be close to each other yet again and spend some quality time together.
Dhanteras is the advance welcoming for Maa Laxmi, who is worshipped on the day of Diwali. In many homes small footprints are painted with vermillion (kumkum) so as to direct the Goddess to our home, when she arrives at the doorstep. Earthern diyas are lit on Dhanteras day in the evening to banish the evil spirits.

Cows are worshipped on the day in many regions. Thus feeding green fodder to cows this day is considered auspicious.

Dhanteras has special significance to the business community of India. All Businessmen, jewelers and corporate houses offer prayers in order to please Maa Laxmi. Especially the jewelers celebrate this festival in the most pompous manner in the gold market areas.

There is also a significance of buying new utensils on this day. But avoid buying something with a sharper edge like forks, knives, leather items etc. Buying gold and silver jewelry is considered auspicious on this day. Other items like silver coins, pooja accessories, brass, metallic, fiber or wooden idols of gods and goddesses can be given out to near and dear ones.

Sending Dhanteras sweets to relatives and acquaintances is another way to celebrate this festival.
Donating some medicines or eye/ear drops to the needy people on Dhanteras is also considered auspicious since this day is marked with a legend of the physician of Gods - Dhanwantri Ji.

A baby girl born on Dhanteras day is considered as the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi into the house and is considered to be lucky for the family. When such girls get married and leave for her husband’s home, they should leave their footprints(with kumkum) at a place in their maternal home to ensure that Maa Lakshmi does not leave the house ever.