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Maharana Pratap

Introduction of Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap is a worth remembering name to begin one’s day. His name has been written in golden letters in the list of kings, who fought for the protection of the country, religion, culture, and independence of India.

Who does not know the great king of Mewar? In the history of India, Maharana Pratap has been known as an influential personality for heroism, patriotism, and bravery. Many mighty warriors born in the Sisodia family of Mewar, such as Rana Hamir, Bappa Rawal, Rana Sanko, but only Pratap Singh was honored with 'Maharana' degree.

Maharana Pratap's childhood!

Maharana Singh was born on 9 May 1540 at Kumbhalgarh Fort, Rajasthan India. Rana Udai Singh II had 33 children, among them Pratap was the eldest. Self-respect and religious conduct were inspirational characteristics of Pratap Singh. Although Maharana Pratap was bright and brave from his childhood, but as he grew up, he became a great king. He was more interested in learning the art of sports and making weapons instead of academic education.

Maharana Pratapa's coronation!

During the reign of Maharana Pratap Singh, there was the rule of Akbar governing the throne of Delhi. It was his policy to use the power of great Hindu kings to bring other Hindu kingdoms under their control. Many Rajput kings left their great tradition and sent their daughters and daughter in laws to Akbar's ultimate Harem to receive Akbar's reward and honor.

Unbreakable Oath to free his motherland!

The enemies of Maharana Pratap had surrounded Mewar. Maharana Pratap's two brothers Jagammal and Shakti Singh joined Akbar. The biggest problem was to raise the army to fight face-to-face which would require a lot of money.

All the serpents of Maharana Pratap were empty, whereas Akbar had huge masses of army, excessive possessions and a lot of gold. But Maharana Pratap was neither disappointed and nor he ever think that he is weak than Akbar.

Maharana Pratap’s only concern was to free his kingdom from the clutches of Mughals. One day he called a meeting of all his trusted leaders appealed to them in his grave and brave words. He said, 'My brave brother, your motherland, this holy Mewar is still in the grip of the Mughals. Today I pledge to you everybody that, unless the Chittod is free, I will not eat food in gold or silver plate, I will not sleep on soft mattress and I will not stay in Rajprasad. Instead, I will eat food on the leaves, sleep on the ground and stay in the slum. I will not even make a beard until it becomes free. My brave heroes, I believe that by sacrificing your wealth and wealth, you will join me with this pledge. All the leaders became inspired by listening to their king's vows, and they will help with their king's wealth and money; and the last drop of blood in the body will support him. Under any circumstances, the liberation of the Mughals will not be removed from their aims, such a promise. They told Maharana, believe, we are all with you, will give your life to one of your signals.

Battle of Haldighat: Maharana Pratap, a great warrior!

Akbar tried multiple tactics to defeat Maharana Pratap, but all proved to be in vain! When there was no agreement with Maharana Pratap, Akbar became very angry and declared war. Maharana Pratap also started his techniques. He moved his capital to the remote areas of Kumbhalgad Aravali hill range. Maharana Pratap recruited tribal people living in the forests in his army. These people had no experience of war, but he trained them. He appealed to all the Rajput leaders to gather under the flag of freedom of Mewar.

Last wish of King of Mewar

In his last moment, he took his son Amar Singh's hand in his arms and handed him over the responsibility of releasing Chittod and died in peace. There is no comparison of his wars with the cruel emperor Akbar.  Akbar made multiple efforts to defeat Maharana but eventually he remained undefeated. Apart from this, he freed Rajasthan's very large area from the Mughals.