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Chandra Darshana on 08 Jun 2024 (Saturday)

Chandra Darshan- Culminate negativity from life
Chandra Darshan, as the name suggests, is performed when the Moon becomes visible for the first time after no moon day or Amavasya. It is observed with much devotion and passion in every part of India.

According to Hindu beliefs, this day has great importance in terms of religious significance. The devotees worship Lord Chandra on this auspicious day and do fasting and offer special prayers to the God. In our religious belief, it is considered as immensely fortunate and prosperous to sight the moon on this particular day. Chandra Darshan is celebrated in the honor of the Lord Chandrama or Moon.

It is believed that all the rituals bring in prosperity and happiness. When the deity is pleased then the devotee is blessed with success and good fortune.
Rituals related to Chandra Darshan
As per our Hindu culture, various rituals are performed on this day:
• On this fortunate day, Hindu’s worship Moon God and seek his blessings.
• Fast is observed by the devotees on this day to please Chandra Dev.
• The devotees don’t eat any food throughout the day. The fast is concluded once the moon is visible and they offer prayers.
• As per Hindu priests it is believed that those who follow each and every ritual devotedly and religiously worship Lord Chandrma are blessed with prosperity and good fortune.
• Giving donations has immense significant on this particular day. It is said to donate sugar, rice and clothes to Brahmins of this day.
Along with the above given rituals, women keep a fast for the long lives of their spouses as well as for the abolition of various obstacles from their married life.
Significance of Chandra Darshan
Chandra Dev is recognized as one of the highly regarded deities in the Hindu mythology. It is considered as an important graha of Navgrahas. It has great influences on the life of human beings on earth. Moon has its association with good intentions, purity as well as wisdom. Worshipping Lord Chandrma and fasting on this day helps in purifying the mind of the person from all the negative thoughts and evil intentions. The fasting ritual is followed by the chanting of sacred and powerful Chandra Mantras.

Along with other benefits, observing fast on Chandra Darshan helps in balancing the elements of Kapha, Pitta and Vata in a human body which helps in curing diseases and provide sound health.

Predicting the first day of Chandra Darshan is always a challenging task for Panchang makers. The moon is visible only for a short span of time on the first day of Chandra Darshan and that too just after the sunset. In other words, the moon sets about one hour after sunset and can be sighted only after sunset due to being in the same horizon as that of the sun. Hence the moon can be sighted only after the sunset.

So for sound health, prosperous life and peaceful life ahead, one can observe fast on Chandra Darshan and this will also culminate negativity from your life.
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