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Dahi Handi

Dahi Handi is a unique and full of the fun festival. This amazing festival is also dedicated to Lord Krishna. This festival is quite famous and popular among Krishna’s devotees.

A Brief Of Dahi Handi –

 "Dahi” goes to the "curd” and "Handi” hints to earthen pot and this is why it is called Dahi Handi. Dahi Handi is a festival dedicated to processing and keeps the milk products. Lord Krishna used to love Dahi a lot and that is why this festival is celebrated with a lot of fun and happiness. The best thing is that Dahi Handi celebration is also known as Gopalakala in Maharashtra.

Where Dahi Handi Is Celebrated –

This is a very famous and sportive event organized in the cities of Maharashtra and Goa. It is celebrated with a lot of fun and happiness. This prominent festival is celebrated with a lot of fun and excitement. This popular festival is celebrated on the next day of Krishna Janmashtami. This prominent festival is also known as Gokulashtami.

Significance Of Dahi Handi –

Dahi Handi celebration is completely dedicated to the way of living of Lord Krishna. Young Krishna used to be very fond of curd and the butter. His love for curd can never be circumvented. While growing up, his fondness of curd and the butter keep increasing day-by-day. Later on, the young Krishna became notorious for stealing it and there are many stories popular regarding this incident.

  •  Krishna and his troop used to be quite popular for stealing curd and buttermilk.
  • They used to quench their thirst for milk products. The female folks used to keep their milk products safe from them.
  • To keep them away from Krishna’s reach, they used to hang Dahi Handi to a height so that Krishna would not reach there.
  • However, Lord Krishna used to be quite smart and that is why Krishna devised the idea of forming a human pyramid so that he can easily access the Dahi Handi.

Moreover, from that time, Dahi Handi is being celebrated among the people with a lot of fun and excitement. The human pyramid was used as the ladder to climb up and reach the Handi. The modern Dahi Handi is celebrated following the same way.

How Modern Dahi Handi Is Celebrated –

New modern Dahi Handi is celebrated with a lot of happiness and fun. On this special day, devotees also create big size events so that happiness could be doubled up.

  • People do participate to have an amazing experience. Dahi Handi could be placed to several floors up. Women folks represent female cowherds.
  • In Mumbai, Dahi Handi is regarded as a very special festival on which many people do gather. Moreover, hundreds of team participate every year in this event to increase enthusiasm.
  • Now, famous and popular celebrities are also invited in order to promote the event.

Conclusion –

The Dahi Handi is an important ritual and its significance cannot be ignored at all. It brings people together to have a lot of fun and excitement. 


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