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Mahesh Navami on 11 Jun 2019 (Tuesday)

India is a country known for celebrating a number of festivals every year. In addition, Mahesh Navami is one of them. Mahesh Navami has its own significance. Mahesh Navami is celebrated every year on auspicious Navmi of the Shukla Paksha of the senior month. This day is completely dedicated to the worship of Lord Mahesh and Parvati and that is why it is called Mahesh Navami.

What is Mahesh Navami?

Do you know why exactly Mahesh Navami is celebrated? What do we do on this auspicious day? What is the significance of this day? Here, we are going to emphasize these points. As per the mythology, the lineage of the Maheshwari society took place on the eldest Shukla Navami of Yudhishtir Sampat 9. And it made Maheshwari Samajstart celebrating the name of Mahesh Navami for the Shastri Navami every year. Moreover, this auspicious day is also celebrated as Maheswari festivity day.

Why Mahesh Navami is celebrated -

In this section, we are going to emphasize how this festival is actually celebrated. It is believed that on the day of Yudhishtir Samvat-9 9th Shukla Navami made Lord Shankar and Parvati free from the curse. Actually, they turned into stone due to the curse of the Rishis. They were crushed by 72 Kshatriyas. You will be called "Maheshwari". With the blessings of Lord Shankar and Goddess Parvati, 72 Kshatriya Umraoans gain life once again. This way helped to give birth to Maheshwari society.

And from that time, Lord Mahesh and Mata Parvati were considered to be the founders of Maheshwari Samaj. In Maheshwari society, this day is celebrated with a lot of great pomp and show. Everyone prays to God to stay blessed and away from problems. This festival holds great value and the plan for the festival starts for many days already. To make it memorable, religious and cultural events are organized on this festival every year. The procession of Lord Shankar and Mata Parvati draws people out and make their life showered with a lot of happiness.

The Story Related To Mahesh Navami -

The methodology says that the ancestors of the Maheshwari society belonged to the Kshatriya dynasty. One day the Kshatriyas went out for hunting. It was difficult to offer sacrifice to the sages by their hunting activities. In addition, it made the Rishis got a lot angry and they cursed the Kshatriyavans that all of your offspring should be made. That is why the ancestors of Maheshwari society became stone-beater. On the auspicious ninth day of Shukla Paksha in the last month, he was liberated from his curse by Lord Shiva's unlimited power. And after the Lord Shiva's blessing, Maheshwari Samaj gave up the Kshatriya Karma and took up Vaishya Karma. Shankarji used the name of the ancestors of the Maheshwari society and that is why it is known like this.

Lord Shiva and Important Signs -


Belpatti has always been important whenever it comes to worship Lord Shiva. Tridental bleve sheet is also quite good for our health. This is considered a favorite of Lord Mahesh and offering it to him can bring amazing results to you.


This festival also indicates that you should dedicate towards society. You should not think that what society has given you but you should give towards society. You should keep serving society in order to make it a happier place. This festival makes us learn that we should keep serving like a mother serves her child. Mother cherishes her child, but in return, she does not ask for anything.


It is not only about Hindus, but all regions appreciate the glory of renunciation. Moreover, our ancestors used to promote a simple life. Sacrifice always makes us a better person. We get to learn a lot.


And the most important thing is that man is the highest place of virtue in life and it should not be compromised ever. A person who keeps this always in mind gets to learn a lot and always contribute the best to the society.

 The fact cannot be ignored that the birth of Maheshwari society happened because of Lord Shankar and it made it completely special. Therefore, this festival is celebrated every year with great enthusiasm.