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Narada Jayanti on 24 May 2024 (Friday)

Narada is considered to be auspicious deity according to Hindu scriptures. Lord Brahma was his father. This day comes on the full moon day in the month of Vaishakhi. It is also popular by the name of Patrakar Divas. He only believes in watching the activities of others and if possible let them understand what they are actually doing. He keeps on wandering from one place to another and from one person to other. He is considered to be the ultimate source of communication between human beings, animals on one side and God on other. Basically, he acts as the messenger of God. He is very wise and full of wisdom. He works for the upliftment of the society. Many people have different perception about the origin of this deity so one may find many stories and different relations of him with different God. Ha has very strong bond with music as he is said to carry veena with him all the time and singing the hymns related to God. He is extremely fond of Lord Krishna. He is quiet far away from the jealous or arrogance factor. He never discriminates between people. The devotion that he shows for any rick person the same attitude he conducts for any other poor person. Narada never changes his word (once uttered) either due to lust or to covetousness and who is conversant with the principles and goal of spiritual endeavour, who is forbearing, powerful and straightforward, who has conquered his sense organs and who speaks the truth. Narayan Narayan are the words which you always hear coming out from his mouth which shows that he always get connected with God. He moves from devlok to mrityulok to patallok to and fro. He is tactful and deceit who plays with the emotions of the God by creating grudges between them and later on sort them out.       


Celebrated in: Without any discrimination and bias nature people of every religion and region abide by this fest with gusto. Mostly people of North India celebrate this fest with great feeling and excitement.


Significance: It is rightly said that if anybody observe this day with full devotion then he will get whatever he wants even the God. And this is manifested by the story of Dhruv the guru of Bhakat Prahlad who got to have darshan of Lord Vishnu by his sheer guidance. He always tries to enlighten the human being towards the humanity and what message God wants to spread across the world. He kindles the hope of optimism among the people who got down by the series of circumstances which led them devasted in their life. He helps to keep all the human enemies like laziness, greediness and others away from you. It will guide the today’s journalist how to conduct their duties well and in constructive manner. He acts as inspiration for the mass communication media.   


Pooja vidhi: People used to keep fast for the day to attain the real face of the God. This is the only deity which helps the devotee to meet with his destined God. People take full advantage of this day. They used to perform their household chores early in the morning and concentrate on him for the full day. It is in the form of hearing stories, lectures, and seminars on him. This is the best and easiest way for the human being to at least live for their God which is not possible now a days.   


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