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Balram Jayanti

Lord Balrama is always memorized whenever it comes about Lord Krishna. Lord Balrama does not need any introduction, as he is quite popular all across India and out of the country too.

A Brief OF Balrama -

Balarama ji is the elder brother of Lord Krishna, both have a lot of affection and love, and this teaches us to share love and affection with our siblings. Balaram Jayanti is very auspicious day celebrated with a lot of happiness.

Lord Balarama -The 8thIncarnation Of Lord Vishnu-

Lord Balarama is considered the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The birth anniversary of Lord Balarama is celebrated every year. Balaram ji killed the very demon Dhenukasura and made the life of the people easy. Balram ji killed Pralambasura with his powers and spread peace on earth.

Balram ji and Lord Krishna are loved by each other and he always glorified them. Yamuna Devi was chased after not giving way to Balram ji and this incident also makes him revered. Balaram ji married Revathi.

This day is celebrated very loudly in North India as Hal Shashthi and Lalhi Chhath. In the Braj region, this special day is known as Baldev Chhath. In Gujarat, this auspicious day is celebrated with great enthusiasm as Randhan Chhath.

How To Celebrate Lord Balarama-

Lord Balaram Ji is also worshiped as an avatar of the serpents. It is believed that the snakes on which Lord Vishnu rests are Balaram Ji. Lord Balarama is also known by other names such as Baldev, Balabhadra and Halayudh.

Lord Balaram – An Epitome Of Beauty

Lord Balrama Jayanti holds a great significance. The beauty of Lord Balaram cannot be described in word, as he is incredibly beautiful. Each year, this Jayanti is celebrated with a lot love and respect towards Lord Balarama.

Lord Balarama is dear to Shri Krishna ji and that is why all the paths to reach him go through him. Balaram ji had come with brother Ram as Laxman. He is a spiritual master and it is very important to receive his mercy if you want to receive the blessings of Lord Krishna. If you get the love and blessings of Lord Krishna, then what else can be grand?

Very luxurious and beautiful earrings add to the grandeur of their ears. The musk "Tilak” on his face makes his beauty even grander. Lord Balaram Ji can surprise anyone with his amazing beauty. He wears very beautiful blue robes and garlands of forest flowers. Their beautiful hair is interwoven into a very beautiful braid, which enhances their beauty even more. So, what are you waiting for? Get Lord Balrama and Shri Krishana blessings.


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