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Bhadli Navami

Hinduism is always known for various reasons such as festival, fasts, and vrat. When it comes about a wide array of the festival, the name of Bhadli Navami cannot be ignored. It is quite important in our scriptures too. Bhadli Navami is actually the last day of an auspicious day for marriage in Hindu community.

A Brief About Bhadli Navami –

Bhadli Navami is actually the occasion when God heads to have slept and that is why the newly married couple does not get their blessings. This is why the auspicious works and marriages should happen before the Bhadli Navami. Bhadli is actually the day before the invocation of Navami when Lord Vishnu goes into the state of sleep. Once Bhadli Navami is started, there are no auspicious occasions for date of marriage. And that is why devotees always celebrate this special occasion in a quite special manner.

Bhadli is a festival associated with Lord Vishnu. Devotees celebrate this festival with a lot of happiness and faith. It is also said that no religious activities are accomplished after this fast. Bhadli Navami is celebrated with a lot of happiness, joy, and honor. Bhadli Navami is also known by other names such as Ashram Shukla Paksha, Bhatli Navami, Kandarup Navami. Bhadli Navami is considered during Ashadh month.

Ways to celebrate Bhadli Navami -

• Bhadli Navami is completely dedicated to Lord Vishnu and it holds a great and important significance. For Lord Vishnu’s devotees, it is a special day.

• On this auspicious day, devotees visit the temple to seek the blessings. Lord Vishnu’s worshipped with a lot of joy and offerings. Devotees also chant mantra and Jai-Gosh on this day which makes the entire atmosphere to so positive.

 Some devotees go on fast and get indulged into having Vishnu Sahastranama, sacred hymns, and kirtan of Lord Vishnu entire day.

• On this day, Bhadli Mela is also organized to worship Lord Vishnu with a lot of respect and joy.

Importance of Bhandlya Navami Tithi -

On Bhandlya Navami Tithi, marriages are considered quite auspicious. Some people do not get any auspicious wedding date. For them, it is the auspicious day. Following this means the newly married people will not get any issues in their upcoming life.

Bhadli Navami and Hindu Mythology –

It is an important festival in Hindu Religion. Lord Vishnu has always been known for his wisdom and power. On Navami Tithi, Lord Vishu tends to sleep and that is why it is not considered auspicious to have a marriage after this occasion. This time is not considered favorable for Hindu marriages. Lord Vishnu’s blessings are important when a couple gets married in Hindu Religion.

In Jharkhand, Itkhori is a small village, which is especially known for Lord Vishnu's devotees. Here, people do celebrate this occasion with a lot of happiness, jo, and faith. Moreover, here is an ancient temple known widely for Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali. So, what are you waiting for? Do not forget to celebrate it this time to get blessed with Lord Vishu’s blessings.



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