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Bheeshma Dwadashi Significance on 20 Feb 2024 (Tuesday)

Bhishma Dwadashi Significance

The 12th day in the month of Magha during the Shukla Paksha is the day for Bhishma Dwadashi. Another name for the same is Magh ShuklaDwadashi or Govinda Dwadashi. Bhishma who had the wish of calling his death by himself on any day survived for 58 days of battle of Mahabhartha. On this day he got back to his native place i.e. in Brahma. Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram took birth on this day. This is the main cause of Pandavas success as Stotram was introduced to them by Bhisma only. Surya Uttaran is the time when all the rituals can be performed as Bhisma Pitama is said to leave this planet at this time.

Celebrated in: The place where the river Ganga place, its feet the same sacred space to conduct the rituals to any ancestors. Any Vishnu temple in India or abroad discover this day with great dedication and concentration. ISKON temples with Andhra Pradesh is the major place for this. Annavaram Satyanarayan Swamy temple, Simhachhalam Luxmi Narshima swamy temple, Yadagirigutta Narashima swamy temple, Bhadrachalam Sri Sita Ramachandran temple, Trimala Tirupati Sri Balaji Temple, Vrindavan Krishna temple, Banke Bihariji templeand Lord Puri Jagannath temple  offer great deal of happiness to this deity.


It is supposed to be widely known that on this day the last ritualistic activities of Bhisma were carried out by Pandavas on the bank of Ganga. Shradh or Tarpan of our demised ancestors on this day will give peace to their soul and they shower all their blessing on us throughout life. As Bhisma is said to be unmarried so to get his immense and controlling power people also perform fast on this day. If anybody like Pandavas recall the Vishnu 1000 names at the time of any difficulty or battle then he will get surely the positive results. He will never fail in any attempt. He will entangle the knots easily which bothers him or any normal person in their life. He is supposed to live the life fullest.

A lot of name and fame or even a child is resulted by observing this day with full respect. All the longing will get fulfilled within no time. It sets your health in toned state which last for your life. You will get free from any kind of deadly disease suffering from. All the previous misdeeds are to be confronted on this day and the deity will forgive you for all your mistakes. From there on a person can start his life with pure and pious heart and thinking.       


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