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Narali Purnima


Narali Purnima hints the end of the monsoon season in Maharashtra. Narali Purnima falls on the full moon day of the Hindu calendar month of Shravan. People on this day, take a shower early in the morning and offer coconuts to the sea.

Narali Purnima – Brief About This Festival

The word 'Naral' stands for coconut and it is offered to the Sea on the full moon day. And this is why it is called Narali Purnima. This special festival is also known by other names such

  • Shravani Purnima,
  • Raksha Bandhan and
  • Rakhi Purnima.

Narali Purnima is also called coconut festival celebrated with a lot of happiness and enthusiasm. It is quite popular among the fishermen as well as a fishing community all across in Maharashtra on the full day of Shravan. No need to mention that Shravan is one of the four most auspicious months of Hindi Calendar. And that is why a full moon day or the Purnima is regarded even with more respect.

Significance Of Narali Purnima -

Narali Purnima is a festival associated with the weather. It is celebrated as the mark of the ending of the monsoon season. And that is why, fishermen especially do pooja on this day to the Sea—God, Varuna. People do dance and singing on this auspicious day. Moreover, people also cherish sweet coconut rice along with curry with family and friends.

Narali Purnima - Where It Is Celebrated

Narali Purnima is a prominent festival celebrated by Hindus on a large scale. Prominently, it is celebrated among the people of

  • Daman and Diu on the west coast of India
  • In the coastal region of Maharashtra like Thane
  • Ratnagiri,
  • Konkan etc.

What To Do On Narali Purnima –

  • People do not go fishing on this day. Moreover, people also do not consume fish on this day.
  • Coconut is thrown into the sea to seek the blessings of the Sea God.
  • Throwing coconut is regarded as a gesture to calm is fury in a great manner.
  • The only coconut is offered but no other fruits. And the reason is that coconut is considered quite auspicious to offer to God in all sorts of Hindu festivals.
  • Coconut is the only tree which holds useful leaves, coconut, and bark to the man.
  • Coconut is also regarded as fruit associates to Lord Shiva because of having three eyes.
  • Breaking coconut before doing anything auspicious is also regarded quite auspicious to take all negativities away.

 What Rituals People Do-Follow On This Day –

Fishermen repair all the things that they use while to go in Sea such boat, fishing net, ships, etc. They repair it by paying respect to their job and Sea God. Moreover, they also buy a new boat or fishing net if having enough budgets. Boats are also decorated on this day. Traditional food is made on this day called Naraali Bhaat, Coconut Rice, Naralachi karanjis. The traditionally dressed men and women follow the rituals on this day. They carry coconuts with them and offer to the sea.