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रोहिणी व्रत |Rohini Vrat on 17 Feb 2024 (Saturday)

This vrat holds a significant value among the devotees. They keep fast on this day to get rid of all their sins. Rohini Vrat is quite important among the women of Jain religion. They keep this fast on in order to have a long and healthy life of their husbands.

The Rohini vrat is quite important since it associates to the constellations. And Rohini is one of the 27 constellations. Here, it is needed to mentioned Rohini is not a kind of simple vrat but it is celebrated like a prominent festival. It is celebrated after the rising of the sun.

Significance Of Rohini Vrat –

This prominent fast is especially considered. People of Jain religion on a large scale celebrate it. The motto of this celebrating this Vrat is worshipping Lord Vasupujya. You may not believe that Rohini Vrat is not only famous all across the country but out of the country too. The accomplishment of Rohini Vrat is done after 3,5 or 7 years.

The importance of this fast cannot be ignored since it is celebrated on a large scale among the Jain people. Women especially go on fast on this auspicious day for longevity and health of their husband. This fast also brings peace and happiness to the devotees.

What Is The Fasting method -

On this auspicious day, women get to wake up in the morning. They take bath before sun rising. Then they worship God following all the needed methods. Rohini Vrat is completely dedicated to Lord Vasupujya. The worship starts with the establishment of the idol of Vaasupujya Lord’s Pancharatna. The statue could be of Golden, Tamar or Pancharatna. To make this pooja successful, it is needed to go with all sorts of important rules. On this day, clothes, fruits, flowers are offered to God.

Fast Story

Once upon a time, there was a king namely Raja Madhava and Rani Laxmipati. That had seven sons and one daughter Rohini. The king organized a Swamvar for his daughter and she chose Prince Ashok. However, he was quite uncomfortable that why his wife always remains so calm and silent. He asked a Muni and he told him that there was a king namely Dhanmitra who was quite wealthy. He had a daughter namely Durgandha but no one was ready to get married her. Her husband left her within one month. Then Dhanmitra approached the Muni to know the future of his daughter. He told that your daughter is in this state since she did a sin in her past life.

She was the wife of a Kind and once they both went to the jungle to have some fun. There, King came across to a Muni and he asked her Queen to prepare food for Muni. But she got angry and prepared poisonous food for him. Muni had that food and he was died because of the extreme level of pain. King get to know this and she made queen to leave the kingdom. Queen also got suffered from a dangerous disease. And she also died and went to hell. Then she took birth as your daughter and that is why she stinks too much. Then Dhanmitra asked about the solution to it. He said that she should keep on fast of Rohini vrat to get rid of it. And then she went to heaven and she took birth as your wife getting rid of all her sins. 


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