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Van Mahotsava (Forest Day) on 01 Jul 2024 (Monday)

Van Mahotsava is an annual tree planting festival that comes in the month of July. The best thing is that people have started taking Van Mahotsav a bit seriously. They have understood the importance of planting trees. It plays an important role to make the earth green and happy. A thousand trees are planted all across the country every year. Still, there are many more plants need to get planted since global warming has emerged as a big issue.  


The Origin Of Van Mahotsav –


This special festival was started in 1950 by K. M. Munshi, the Union Minister For Agriculture and Food and this is being celebrated constantly from that time. The motto of this festival is creating awareness among the people regarding how important it is to plant the trees.


How To Celebrate Van Mahotsava –


Van Mahotsava is regarded as a festival of life. The motto behind kicking off Van Mahotsava was saving mother earth. This is why it is called Van Mahotsava. The prominent leaders like Dr. Rajendra Prasad and Jawaharlal Nehru also took participate to spread awareness of this festival at a large scale among the people. This festival is celebrated on a large-scaled all across the country. Moreover, thousands of sapling of diverse species have been planted taking the support of locals and various renowned agencies such as the forest department. We all know how our earth is need of planting more trees. People do plant trees in homes, office, school, colleges, etc. Moreover, social media is also being used to create more awareness.


Why Van Mahotsav Is Important To Celebrate –

This festival is quite important to celebrate since it directly associates to our earth and environment. The populating is growing so fast. We are indulged in development deeply but not paying attention towards maintaining a balance between development and environment. Factories are using a lot of water in order to accomplish manufacturing and other objectives. In addition, the polluted water is left in the water bodies without treated.  We all need to save our planet. Trees are the core of our environment and we should put the best efforts to bring out the outstanding results.


Motto Of Planting Trees During Vanmahatsova –

There are so many prominent mottos of planting trees during Vanmahatsova and some of these have been mentioned below -


        To get more fuel

        To get fodder leaves for cattle

        More tree planting means you will have more oxygen in your surrounding 

        To get more small poles and timber

        To create a more safe place for birds and animals

        To have more shade and ornamental trees

        In order to increase the production of fruits

        To add potential food resources of the country in a great way

        Planting more trees helps to create of shelterbelts around agriculture fields to enhance the productivity

        It enhances the tree consciousness

        To enhance the love of trees among the people


In The Last –


It is indeed important to celebrate Vanmahotsava in every school, community, and college. July is the month in which Monsoon starts coming and that is why it is an ideal month to celebrate.  


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