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Significance of Hariyali Amavas Vrat

Hariyali Amavas is a festival dedicated to happiness, blessings, and prosperity. It is called Hariyali Amavas as it falls in the rainy season when everything looks so pleasing and attractive. We get rid of scorching heat and the entire environment get into positive vibes (Mangal Geet). People celebrate and share happiness. There is also a ritual to install and enjoy swings on the tree.

What Is Hariyali Amavas Vrat- This festival is completely dedicated to nature and that is why it is called Hariyali Amavas Vrat. It makes us know the beauty of the raining season when the environment looks amazingly green. A religious fair is organized on this occasion to understand that value of nature, animals, tree, etc. Hindu religious festivals are a somewhere deep connection with nature since we cannot survive without them.

How It Is Celebrated – Hariyali Amavas is a special festival celebrated all across the country. It is celebrated prominently in these cities such as Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, etc. On this auspicious day, variety of fair is organized. People do come with their family to enjoy and celebrate.

We all need to understand that tree and plants are quite essential to keep us alive. We do not only get food but oxygen as well. We all need to put the best efforts to keep them safe. There are many important plants and trees such as Neem, Aam, Mahua, People, Bargad, etc., which do not only give us a flower, woods but medicines too.

Hariyali Amavas and Its Connection With Nature - The importance of Neem cannot be ignored. We all know how neem is widely known for its incredible features. It holds incredible essence to keep a variety of diseases in plants and in human away. Neem is also used in making medicine. Farmers also used it to keep their crop free from insects and other diseases.

On Hariyali Amavas, the strings of Neem are placed in the house to keep it free from disease. During the raining season, the chances of diseases get increased. It is also considered that keeping Neem in the house also safe from the negative vibes. It is such a belief that this Neem tree protects not only dangerous insects but also from evil spirits.

We are living in a modern world where tree and Jungle are not safe. They are being destructed on a large scale. We all need to understand that our jungle and trees are in danger. The best thing is that the Indian Government is also taking the best efforts to make it happen. Moreover, there are a variety of programs are being run to save the jungle.

 What Should You Do On Hariyali Teej – It is considered quite important to donate on this day. Taking a bath in rive is also regarded as very auspicious. In Hindu Scripture, it has been sending said that planting tree brings a lot of fortune and happiness. Planting a tree can bring great results that you can have from your 1o sons. On this auspicious day, many trees are also worshipping such as Neem, Peepal, Bargad, etc.

Apart from planting trees, it is also said that making man-made water bodies is quite auspicious. One who plants a tree on this auspicious day will get space in heaven. The echo of the traditional and the melodious songs around the Harayali Amavas is celebrated throughout India.

People do enjoy swings and songs. In many states of India, including Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Prasad, Uttar Pradesh, fairs are held in religious places and forest areas on the occasion of Hariyali Amavas. The existence of trees and forests in today's changing habit is endangered and that is why we all need to take desired steps to keep them safe.