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Saawan Somvaar Significance


The beautiful and auspicious month of Saawan has started. This month brings happiness and prosperity. For the Lord Shiva’s devotees, this month is quite special and auspicious. In this month, devotees take fast on every Monday of this month.

Five Special Monday On This Month

Sawan month holds five Mondays. And each Monday of this month is important and quite significant. Monday is also regarded as the special day of Lord Shiva. There is a total number of five Mondays comes in this auspicious month. Let’s check it out these four special Mondays of Sawan which is as follows -

•        July 06 – And it will be the first Monday of this Sawan month. The first Monday of the Sawan month is regarded as Desert Panchami of Desert.

•        July 13 – The second Monday of Sawan month will fall on July 13. 

•       July 20 – And third Monday will be on July 20. 

•        July 27 - fourth Monday of Sawan Month. 

•        August 3 - And this is the last and fifth saawan monday which is falling on purnima tithi.

Mythological Significance Of The Month Of Shravan

Bholenath (Lord Shiva) is regarded, to be Shiva. Lord Shiva has always been regarded as the prominent God. He is regarded as the God of the gods. He holds respect more than other God. Moreover, Lord Shiva is also regarded as very dear to everyone. Mythology says that once Bholenath Shiva said to King Daksh that he will come down from Kailash Mountain and will live in all Shivlinga present in the world. This is why Sawan is quite special for all of us.

What To Do In Sawan

•        If a devotee offer water on Shivling in the month of Sawan, then it will be considered as climbing the Ganga water.

•        Apart from this, Belpatra is also offered to Lord Shiva on this day.

•        Moreover, worship offering Saffron sandalwood, dry fruits, figs of flowers and dhatura is considered will become successful.

•        Om Namah Shivay is the mantara to recite on this auspicious day.

And finally -

It is believed that by worshiping devotees Lord Bhole Nath this month, devotees get freedom from all kinds of divine, physical and material sufferings.